About Edison

Edison Westbrook is an entrepreneur, and the creator and host of the Relationship Review Podcast.

A 15+ year veteran in writing, marketing, and communications, Edison is a gifted storyteller skilled at bringing unique perspectives to life. Committed to building community and nurturing a “growth mindset,” children’s education and the enrichment of their lives is close to her heart. Edison is a forever Girl Scout, a Band Booster, and a recovering PTA president.

As a food enthusiast and experienced cook, Edison loves hanging out at home and making meals with her husband and children. Her favorite pastimes include exploring, spontaneous adventure-making, and watching Masterpiece Theater.

About CoCo

CoCo is a producer and researcher for the Relationship Review Podcast. An honor student, her Girl Scout project on media inspired the show's creation.

CoCo is an award-winning musician who enjoys participating in marching and symphonic bands, spending time with friends, and telling dad jokes.

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